Message from Courtney!!

This is Court. I just wanted to get on here and let you know that I am reading all the comments you write. I get very tired during the day, with all the tests and everything else so I’m sorry I haven’t written before now. I just wanted to let you know that I love reading what you have to say. I can’t believe how many people are thinking of me and praying for me. Please keep the prayers coming cause they are working. And a special shout out to all my special CFer friends. Love ya.
courtney hill

Good news!

I visited with Court last night and she was tired from the day she had.  Sorry for waking you up Courty!  She was able to talk to me for about 5 min when they put the piece on her trach ( i forget what it’s called) but it was nice to hear her voice.  Mom said that last night she was able to talk to her for 30 min and Lindsay said they had a really good conversation the night before.  She did another 2 laps around the ICU floor yesterday.  It’s so nice that she’s getting back to her old self, like requesting Mom to bring her cinnamon applesauce and dole fruit cups and slippers ;o)

I didn’t stay long because it was late and she was tired, but she said she had a good day.  I received a TXT from her this morning and it says that her Colonoscopy and Endoscopy look really good so that’s another step forward!  Positive news and that’s what we really need right now.  Stay Strong Court, you are doing GREAT!  Thank you everyone for continuing to check the blog and send your words of encouragement.  Court checks the blog, so keep em’ coming…

Much Love,


update on Court

I’m sorry it’s been a few days since I last posted.  The kids have started back to school and I’ve started a workout Boot Camp 3 nights a week.  I am going to see Court later this afternoon, but last I saw her was on Saturday.  I had a great visit with her and she’s in good spirits.  We were waiting on the liver biopsy results.  We still haven’t heard, but Mom said last night when she was at the hospital her nurse said that we don’t need to risk any infection since she’s on the list.  News to us…guess she’s for sure on the list.  Well, I will be asking for results when I go down tonight.  Mom and Lindsay have both said that Courtney has been doing really well and has been able to get up and walk around.  Mom took Court some games to play with visitors, like ConnectFour, Chess, deck of cards and such so go visit and play.  She had a long time friend Randi and Jackie ( Randi’s Mom) visit her on Saturday while I was there.  We’ve known Randi for 20yrs and she was neighbor growing up.  Also wanted to mention to all of you sending Courtney cards in the mail.  Mom has been taking them all to her and it’s so great to see all the strangers and loved ones thinking of her and sending words of encouragement her way.  I know she loves it and appreciates it, so Thank YOU!    I will update with any more news when I find out, but as of right now your prayers are working and Court is doing great. 

By the way, she’s still unable to talk except when the Speech Therapist comes in to plug her up.  The vent is still supporting her, but she’s doing most of the breathing on her own.  She’s getting stronger everyday, and is looking forward to new lungs!

Parading around the ICU

Two days in a row, Court was able to walk around the ICU floor…Outside of her room!  Her nurse put a trach collar on her with portable O2 to walk her around.  I know Court was really happy about that, because it was the first thing she told me when I saw her.  Her nurse said that she had everyone on the floor (all the past nurses and resident docs) making comments like “Wow, look at you Courtney!”  She’s still unable to make sound, unless the speech therapist comes in to plug her trach which she’s been able to do from time to time, but I’m getting pretty good at lip reading so it’s not hard for me to understand her.  We are still waiting on the liver biopsy and the GI docs to give us the go on the transplant, so as soon as we know we will let you all know.  Kelly and I washed her hair yesterday, which she loves us to do every chance we can get.  There were lots of grins and smiles yesterday.  Court is getting stronger and stronger everyday and, but because she’s walked these last two days she was exhausted last night.  She was actually ready for us to leave so that she could go to bed.  Thank you God for your answered prayers and giving Court the strength and will.  Amazing Grace! 

Court, keep up the good work.  You are SO strong, even my sore boot-camp legs can’t keep up with you!  😉


*Quick note from Lindsay* I was down there at 8 and gave Courtney a really good back massage on her lower back and neck and she said that it helped a lot with the pain she was having. I kept telling her to let me know if  I was doing it to hard but she said it felt good and I could feel she had great big knots in her muscles. I just hope I didn’t make her more sore today. I won a free spa thing for a massage and I told her when she gets out that she could have it because I am sure she needs it! Love you Court your doing great!

This weekend~

This weekend was interesting for my immediate family therefore was hard for me to post, but the short but sweet visits I had with Court were good ones.  On Saturday Shaffer started running a low grade fever, so I stayed home with Shaffer.  Scotty and Kaden went down to visit with Court.  Kaden was happy because she got to visit with Court for the 2nd time in 2 months, and she was able to brush her hair and talk to her about what she’s been doing this summer.   Kelly was down there when they got there and Scotty said Court was in a great mood!  He talked to her about some new music he’s been into and Court always enjoys hearing Scotty’s passion for music. 

I had planned on going down to the hospital yesterday afternoon around 2pm but didn’t end up making it down till about 4pm because of my CrAzY day.   It ended up being good timing because Kelly went down Sunday morning, Lindsay went down for the afternoon and I ended the day shift with her.   Yesterday while shopping for a new foam workout pad and heart rate monitor at Dick’s Sporting Goods for the Boot Camp I’m about to start today, Shaffer passes out in line and lands straight back on his head.  Thank you God that he didn’t split his head open or have a concussion!  We immediately took him to E-room and everything turned out fine.  It’s another blog story why Shaffer passed out, but basically Shaffer has vasovagal syncope and he had skinned his shin on the elevator just before he passed out…

Anyway, back to Court…I had a great visit with her late yesterday.  She was very tired from all the work she was having to do coming off the vent, brought the Supp pressure down to 5 for an hour.  She’s sore and tired, but her spirits were good.  She is lonely and the more visits more often is so good for her!  Thank you for your continued love, prayers and support!

New Lungs in the works…

Courtney is in good spirits!  Mom has been able to spend all day with her and the reason Dr. Rosenblatt wanted to speak with her is because she is in the works of getting new lungs.  She will be going through a series of testing but we are waiting for new lungs.  The insurance has already been approved.  She won’t be moving anytime soon because of this change.  Keep your fingers x.

XOXO,  Megs


Yesterday was a really rough day for Courtney.  We went around looking at some of the options for Courtney to move to and as I was out looking at our options, the four of us…meaning Mom, Kelly, Lindsay and I received an upsetting txt from Court.  I don’t want to repeat, but let’s just say she was having a lonely moment.  Immediately we all went down to the hospital to visit with her and give her some encouragement.  She’s having a really tough time and misses her old self.  I know you all have continued to keep all of us in your prayers, but we really need to pray for Courtney’s will and strength to continue fighting this battle.  She has come a long way, but we all know she still has a way to go.   We have chosen to move Court to Lifecare in Plano, but Mom got word today that they might not move her now for a couple of days because Dr. Rosenblatt needs to come by to talk to Court.  Not sure what this is about but we should find out soon.

Courtney,  I can only imagine how hard this is for you.  You have made significant improvements and you will make it through this.  Your pain and suffering will be over soon.  Please stay tough!   You are amazing my love!

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