I forgot to mention…

I got to look at Court’s incision last night and it looks really good. I was actually surprised how good it looked. I found out that she actually only has 2 chest tubes, one on each side just above both ta-ta’s. The color is much lighter as it was on Sunday.


Tummy stuffed

Courtney was in good spirits with me last night, just complained that her tummy felt full but she was hungry.  Her nurse ordered a x-ray to see if it was gas in her stomach.  Courtney and I watched SYTYCD last night together and during the commercials she said she didn’t like seeing all the food commercials because she wants to eat real food so bad.  Although it does stink for her, but I’m glad to hear she has an appetite.  She said she wants Pops cereal and Sonic’s motzerella sticks.  Enough about food…

The doctors are agressivly trying to get her off of the vent pressure so Court also said she felt like it was hard for her to breathe, but her o2 level was at 98% so she was getting plenty of o2.  They said her chest is sore so it will feel like you can’t breathe. 

Today they are going to have her up and in a chair, and maybe take some steps.  They won’t be taking the trach out until they can get her off the vent.  It will be soon! 

I read her the posts from T-day and comments.  She loved hearing them.   Thank you!

Thanks for checking in!  More to come…

Court’s 3 day new lungs

Courtney was asleep most of the time Mom was there, but she mouthed that she was hungry.  Now that’s the Court we know!  Apparently her feeding tube was giving her too much so they had to cut back and they were getting new orders to fix it.  Mom didn’t get to talk much to her as she was really tired.  They are keeping her really busy during the day, and Mom said her both the nurse and RT mentioned Court is doing EXCELLENT!  Her nurse said she couldn’t believe how all the staff is so fond ouf Court.  Who couldn’t love her?!  She breaks a smile even in the most of pain.  She had a different kind of O2 tank next to the vent yesterday when we visited and we were told  they needed to try and get her weaned off of it, and guess what…it’s gone! She’s now at only 8 breaths per minute (that the vent is breathing for her).  The nurse also said that tomorrow will be an agressive day for her and they are going to try and get rid of the trach!!!!  Courtney’s had the trach since July 7th!  This is a HUGE step for her.  Mom said she still is in a LOT of pain and very sore so they are trying their hardest to control her pain.  Wow, I’m so proud of you Court!  I played “I’m Alive” several times today and I’m thinking Mr. Chesney wrote that song for you…

I love you Courty!

Just thinking of you Court!

Organ Donors Live Longer. Be a Hero. Be a Donor.eat sleep hopecf sistergot lungs

2nd day after Tx

Courtney is stable and is recovering good, but she’s extremely sore, feels lots of pressure on her chest and back.  She has lost all the swelling in her face, the color is back and looks as beautiful as ever.   She complained that she was in a lot of pain.  They are giving her pain meds every hour, but they were going to try and give her something different this afternoon.  We told her that she had over 10o0 hits on her blog and mentioned some of the comments that some of you made.  Especially the ones that she hadn’t heard from in a long time.  Tate, we told her you said hopefully she could be your Nanny again some day and it made her smile.  I asked her if she had the feeling like she needed to cough and she shook her head NO.  I asked her if it was a neat feeling and she shook her head Yes…SO COOL!  Can you imagine living your life always having to cough?  You take a deep breath, have to cough.  You start to laugh, have to cough.  You go a couple of steps, have to cough.   This is all gone for Court.  Even though she’s not feeling so great right now and in a lot of pain, I know she knows that this will get better.   She wasn’t able to move much today and she mouthed she was still very tired.  Please pray, send your well wishes that Court starts to heal, that her pain goes away soon and she gains some strength.   Thanks for checking on her!

Much Love,  Megan

1024 hits

Wow, we had over 1000 hits yesterday on Courtney’s blog checking on her!  It’s comforting knowing how many people love Court and all prayers coming her way.  She will be alert today and I can’t wait to see her.  I’m anxious to tell her how many people have been sending words of encouragement to her.  I’m excited to see her sitting up in her bed with a fresh set of lungs.  Thank You ALL!

Exceedingly Well…Post-T-day is here!

Thank You and Hands Down to Dr. Rosenblatt for your persistance and determination to get Courtney better, Dr. Wait for your fabulous surgeon skills and Transplant Team!  Thank you Donor, you’re a God send.  No more waiting for Courty.  Yep, Dr. Waits words to Mom and Nanny when everything was said and done, he said that “The procedure went exceedingly well, and extremely happy with Courtney’s lung functions.”  He said it couldn’t have gone better.  He anticipated a 8 hr surgery, and yes it was 6.5 hours.  We were able to see Court for just a short bit, and although her face and chest were swollen…she looked GREAT!  Her pressure on the vent is lower than it was when she was at home.  Her 02 level was at 97% and 10 breaths per minute so she was basically doing most of the breaths on her own already.  They said they wanted to keep her asleep for a while and there was no need for us to hang out up there all night.   There were so many signs that God was with us today.  Thank you Lord for the beautiful day, Thank you for the penny on the ground Nanny found while she said a prayer, Thank you for the family and friends who have prayed and gave us all the strength to make it through this life changing event.  Sometimes you wonder why God creates circumstances like this and today was one of those days that you actually see why…it brought us together in some sort of way and showed how much his love and strength can pull us through it all. 

The biggest hurdle is over, but we aren’t in the clear.  Let’s continue to pray, send positive waves and wishes that Courtney doesn’t reject the lungs, doesn’t get sick and recovers smoothly. 

Thank You Everyone!  We will continue to post, but PLEASE…even if we don’t know you and you are a friend of a friend of a neighbor you work with or even our 4th Cousin (because we know we have several out there)…we want to see your words of encouragement to Court.  She will be amazed at all the people who have been thinking of her.

Amen Cysters and Brothers, this Deep Breath is for you!

Deep Sigh,  Megan

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