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All 4 Hill girls were all born and raised in Plano, TX.  Our Mom, Dottie was originally from New Jersey, but has now spent the majority of her life in TX.  Dottie lives in Allen with husband Bruce.  Bruce and Mom have been together nearly 10 years.  Bruce has two children, Brandon and a daughter named Courtney.  Mom has 1 sister Aunt Joan and 4 brothers Uncle’s Jimmy,  Roddy, Freddy and Timmy, hence the big family picture posted.  Our Dad, Ron passed away in 2001, but was born in Dallas.  Dad has 2 sisters Aunt Jane and Mary and 1 brother Uncle Wendell.  We have nearly 30 1st cousins.  Needless to say, our family is BIG!

Megan, 32 is the oldest sister who has been married to her husband Scotty for 10yrs this October.  They live in McKinney TX with their two children.  Kaden their 9yr old daughter (Courtney’s first niece)  and Shaffer their 7yr old son. 

Kelly, 30 is the 2nd sister who has been married for 10yrs to her high school sweetheart Marty.  They live in Allen TX with their two boys.  David their oldest boy is 6yrs old and Daniel is 4.

Lindsay, 23 is the baby sister who has been married 3 yrs to her husband Chapin.  They live in Garland TX with their 3yr old daughter Camryn and now expecting their second.

Courtney (aka Court, Courty, Cookie and SpicyOne) was diagnosed at birth with Cystic Fibrosis.  She is the first on both sides of our family to be diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis as both parents have to be carriers of the gene.  Courtney’s life expectancy was short, but battled it 26 and a half years.  She had also been diagnosed with crohn’s disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis and so on…it’s the disease that keeps on giving.  Court had a double lung transplant on September 26th, 2009.  Courtney was such a caring, loving and sensitive person who adoreed children.  Courtney had a beautiful free spirit and one who’s easily admired.  We are proud to call her our sister.  Courtney lost her battle on November 24th 2009, but gained her Angel wings and went home!  She is Alive!  Thanks for checking out our blog!


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  1. Angie Wagoner
    Jun 23, 2009 @ 23:17:59

    Courtney is such an inspiration to us all! She always has been. You are all in my CONSTANT thoughts and prayers.


  2. Monique
    Jun 24, 2009 @ 15:32:37

    I want the family and Court to know that I am here for them. I know I have been around in a few years, but yall are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love you guys. Hopefully I can come see you! Keep on fighting Court!!


  3. Jane McConnell
    Jun 24, 2009 @ 16:55:16

    Megan, Thank you so much for setting this up. It’s a wonderful way to be able to keep up with Courtney’s progress instead of calling you all the time….

    Very happy to hear about the positive news! Ken & I love you all and you are in our constant prayers. I’ll send this blog on to Laura, Wendell & family and Mary & family.

    Courtney is a very special, beautiful lady and tons of prayers and good wishes are coming her way. She has the courage, grace & will to be healthy! Ken & I are definately looking forward to seeing Courtney and you all at the ranch in the near future. Tell her that the fish are waiting for her!

    Much love always, Aunt Jane


  4. danielle webster
    Jun 25, 2009 @ 10:06:37

    Courtney I know I haven’t been there for a while but you are my bestfriend and sister. I can remember the good times we had like going through Party City saying “We be Nerd Sisters” You have been in my life a long time for about 20 years. Wow that is a long time. I love you so much. I really hope and pray you get better soon so we can spend time like we used to. I will be here for you from now on no matter what. I can’t live without you. You are my shoulder to cry on and I am going to be yours from now on. I love you.


  5. Steve & Vickie
    Jul 17, 2009 @ 16:09:19

    Hey Cort,
    Glad to hear you are feeling better, keep going it will be fishing time before you know it!
    Our prayers are with you as well as the rest of the family!!!
    Steve aka: catfish & Vickie


  6. Aunt Mary
    Aug 18, 2009 @ 20:26:39

    Courtney, You have always been a beautiful and strong little girl and now as a young lady you continue to amaze all of us with your strength and love of life. Keep fighting little one. We all need you! Love, Aunt Mary


  7. Dana
    Nov 22, 2009 @ 18:59:21

    Your blog was passed on to me by a friend. You don’t know me, but I am praying for Court & your family that the presence of God is felt in a huge & comforting way as you watch your sweet Court pass from her earthly life to her eternal life.


  8. Sharon
    Jan 22, 2010 @ 13:33:49


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    I hope you show some interest in building relationship, please contact me at sharon.cysticfibrosis.net@gmail.com.


    • BigSis Meg
      Nov 05, 2010 @ 09:49:39

      I’m so sorry I’m just responding. I haven’t logged into this blog in obviously several months. My family and I have accomplished a lot for CF since Courtney passed and I plan to write this weekend so I can update everyone. Thank you for your interest and I will send you an email.


  9. Jennifer Ogas
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 20:32:21

    Missing you terribly. Court I am so blessed to still have you in my heart and fortunate to still have your family treat me as there own. I miss you every single day but I know your not gone… your in Jersey! Lol! It gets hard but I know that God has a plan for everyone. I’m glad that our paths crossed some 14 odd years ago and somehow made us inseperable. I think you were always the very best part of me and now I feel unbalanced with out you here. No one will ever compare nor take your place, our friendship was one of a kind. Thank you for listening to my million lightening prayers and comforting me in sadness…. though your not here on earth, I feel you in my heart. Save a place for me. (not anytime soon though!)


  10. Laura
    Nov 18, 2010 @ 18:04:16

    Thinking of you all this November day.
    love from Momtana


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